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Gloria Lyon

Just to go back to the song for a second, do you remember how the song went?

Did you have any negative experiences after you were liberated, being a Holocaust survivor?

When you were in Sweden, what was your experience after being liberated, was it hard?

Do you have any traditions or rituals that you do everyday or once a month, or every year to remember your times?

Could you describe the effects of hunger on you?

Bill Lowenberg

When you first went to Auschwitz, what thoughts preoccupied your mind other than what you were experiencing?

You mentioned that you were on some death marches towards the end of the war. Could you talk about that?

During the Holocaust, Jews were made to believe that their religion was not acceptable. After the Holocaust did you feel closer to the Jewish community or farther apart?

Could you go into more detail about the rats, and what you did to try to stay clean?

Can you describe what was going through your head and can you describe the moment you last saw your family?

Is there any more detail you can tell us about the boxcars?

Did you ever find anything valuable?

How do you feel now when you see your tattoo everyday?

Max G.

What was the day like when you started wearing the star?

This is a little bit further back, but I read that you got arrested. I was just wondering what you did?

After all these deaths and all this, what did you do with your emotions?

Were there nationality or language barriers between the prisoners?

Can you tell us if they tattooed you?

Do you ever look at it, like in the shower?

I developed my first pneumonia...

Was it common to be operated on?

How did you stay healthy and clean?

Can you tell us about your liberation?

Can you discuss your work translating other survivors's stories? What are some of the reasons you do it?

Why is that so important that this information is out there?

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