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Japanese Americans Interned During World War II
mugshot Bess K. Chin updated
Born in Alameda, California, interned at Heart Mountain, Wyoming, worked as a teacher’s assistant in the camps
mugshot Janet Daijogo updated
Born in San Francisco, interned at Topaz at age five, teaches kindergarten in Corte Madera, California
mugshot Fumi Hayashi updated
Deported from Berkeley, California and interned as a high school student at the Topaz relocation camp in 1942
mugshot Chizu Iiyama updated
Raised in Chinatown, transfered to Santa Anita for six months living in a horse stall afterwhich she was sent to Topaz
mugshot Ernie Iiyama updated
Born in Oakland, CA in 1912, sent to Topaz where he was an active leader in the Nisei Young Democrats
mugshot Marvin Uratsu updated
Born in Sacramento but raised in Japan - sent to Tule Lake and later returned to Japan with the U.S. MIS
mugshot Paul Ohtaki updated
Born on Bainbridge Island, Washington, sent to Manzanar in California, among the first families in the country to be interned
mugshot Hiroshi Kashiwagi updated
Held in Tule Lake as a so-called "no-no boy" resister of the loyalty oath, now an author and member of the Screen Actors' Guildo
mugshot Masaru Kawaguchi updated
High school basketball player forced to leave his school, team, and home for Topaz, Utah where he was interned for two years
mugshot Rose Nieda updated
Uprooted from her home in Washington at age nineteen, sent to Pinedale Assembly Center and then on to Tule Lake internment camp
mugshot Sato Hashizume updated
Born in Portland, Oregon, send to Minodoka internment camp in Idaho as a 10 year old.
mugshot Marielle Tsukamoto updated
Sacramento native born in 1937, she was sent to an internment camp in Jermone, Arkansas in May, 1942