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Minimum Requirements:

QuickTime Player version 5 or higher is required to view the movie files - download here. This is FREE.

Most current browsers created in the past 3-4 years will work fine - report browser incompatibility issues here.
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Recommended Connection Types:

DSL/Cable/T1 or faster users: All the movies in the site are optimized for DSL or Cable speeds. Users should experience near instantaneous loading for all the movies contained herein if accessing via 256kbps or faster.

Dial-up modem users: We recommend that you view movies sparingly as your connection speed will cause delays, although 56k modems should result in acceptable wait times.

Some Known Issues:

Problem: Page will not completely image.
Solution: Click the refresh button in your browser.

Problem: Movies will not play when text is clicked.
Solution: Download and install Quicktime Player version 5 or above.

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