Rose Nieda

Date: May 13, 2005, San Francisco, California
Interviewers: Ashlyn P, Hilary L, Jawanza B, Max C, with Howard Levin

Date: May 6, 2006
Interviewers: Amanda B,
Elinor L, Will G, with Howard Levin coming soon

Rose Nieda—eighty-two years old at the time of the interview—was born a Nisei in Washington State. She was only four years when her parents passed away. Just before Rose was to enter college, she was evacuated from her home and sent with her adopted parents to the Pinedale Assembly Center in California. There, her life was always rushed by the need to be first in line for commodities such as the bathroom and mess hall. After a year Rose was transported with her family to a more permanent center at Tule Lake. There she worked both as an English language teacher and as a social reporter for the camp newspaper during her two-year internment. Once released, Rose worked numerous unwanted jobs before finding a reliable one. She then sent for her family to join her in Detroit. Rose resides in Tiburon, California. She has recently began making annual visits to her hometown in Washington.