Transcription Processing

Transcription Cleaning Phase

The goals are to assure accuracy of the original transcription, to verify completeness, and to make the transcript more readable. You may discover gaps or overlaps in the transcription given the nature of this group project.

  1. Run "Spell-Check" to quickly correct the most obvious typos and spelling errors.
  2. Listen and read transcription.
  3. Stop at each error and correct.
  4. Put in parentheses (.....) all questionable names and unintelligible terms - anything that needs double-checking later. Parentheses will ALL be either eliminated or corrected later. This includes questions to be asked of the subject later, such as spelling of questionable names or phrases.
  5. Record in parentheses (....) the TIME in "(minutes:seconds)" for every well-spaced question  - this need not be exact  - it just serves as a useful reference.
    " (05:26) Question: And what happened next?"
  6. Carefully follow the Style Guide. It is now critical that you follow the Style Guide.