Transcription Processing

Note Clarification Phase

The goal is to address, fix, and eliminate all notes. This will involve a combination of conducting further research for historical names and location spellings as well as contacting the interview subject for corrections.

  1. All spelling clarifications for historical names, events, and locations should be researched using library and/or Internet reference materials. Do not ask interview subjects to clarify spelling on terms that you should be able to find using normal reference materials. In general, this applies to all geographic locations, names of historically documented events, and famous people.
  2. Record all questions that need to be clarified with the subject. Use the Clarifying Questions sheet to record your questions. Contact the interview subject with your entire team's list of questions. This can be conducted via phone, email, or perhaps through another short follow-up visit. Your questins will likely include:
    • Names of relatives or non-historically documented individuals;
    • Location names that you have been unable to clarify in Step 1 above;
    • Non-English phrases (be sure to italicize).