Creating Movie Clips Using Quicktime Pro

Product Note: Apple's Quicktime Pro is necessary to complete this step. Quicktime Pro is a paid upgrade to the free Quicktime Player. Quicktime Pro enables simple cut, copy and paste actions necessary when creating the many mini-movies.

Establish the file-structure to store and manage your files. Create a folder structure stored on your Desktop to house all the clips – all with unique file names. Here is an example:



These are the actual movie files – note how these are named. ALL movie files must END with ".mov".

This all assumes that you have already worked carefully with the transcript to divide up into manageable paragraphs. Each movie file needs to remain well under 2 minutes – preferable under 1 minute. Select approximately 10 minutes of movie to work with. This makes it easier to fine-tune clip selections.

  1. Open the original movie file
  2. Slide the right-facing selection triangle to select the first 10 minutes of recording.
  3. Copy the segment (Edit>Copy or or Apple-C)
  4. Open a new blank Quicktime window (File>New Player or or Apple-N)
  5. Paste the segment (Edit>Paste or Apple-V)



Selecting each segment

  1. Highlight (in gray) the exact segment with precise beginning and endpoints – fine-tune using these commands:

    Right and left arrows – moves tracker frame by frame

    SHIFT-right arrow – moves selection triangle in line with tracker

    OPTION-right (or left) arrow – jumps the tracker from beginning to end of the selections (as well as beginning and end of the whole movie)

    SPACEBAR – starts and stops video at point of the playhead

  2. Copy and paste into a New Player (File>New Player)
  3. Double check and fix beginning and endpoints
  4. Choose "Save As"
  5. CRITICAL – be sure to check "Make movie self-contained"
  6. Name each file progressively,,, etc.
  7. Mark the transcript with the same name at the beginning of each "paragraph" for future linking.
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