Example Transcript Correction

Directions: Use this as a teachable example for careful transcript style editing
utilizing the style_guide found in About > Technical > Production Guides.

Teachers can distribute the column labeled "Original Transcript" and have students
mark-up the corrections. Then, with the original and student edits, compare and
contrast to the "Edited Transcript With Mark-up" to highlight missed corrections.

Use this corresponding video file to compare: [jenkins-sample.mov]

Also consider assigning students to transcribe this section—or subsets—and have
them build their own "original" transcript to compare to the 2nd and 3rd columns.

Use horizontal scroll bar to move through the 3 columns.

Original Transcript – This represents a student transcript after perceived careful attention to creating the most accurate transcription.

Edited Transcript With Mark-up – Using Microsoft Word's "Track Changes" function, this show the actual changes made by the final adult "transcript cleaner." Some punctuation may be personal choice but this represents a much more accurate final version ready for publication. Final Transcript – A clean final version.
original1 corrected1 final1
original2 corrected2 final2
original3 corrected3 final3